Living with Pimples by AimanTini.

Living with Pimples by AimanTini.

Hey dolls!

Kami bercadang nak kumpul semua beauty journey dolls & letak dalam satu blog.

So why not, I’ll share my story first!


The beginning of my acne problem.

I have suffered from severe acne problem since I was in form 2. The earliest among all my friends to develop acne. Masa sekolah memang kena make fun habis-habis.  Siap ada yang buat joke tembak muka I guna machine gun. Zzzzz

I was depressed & I took my initiative to take care of my skin. Masa tu di iklan banyak produk2 jerawat yang ada. My fav at that time was Ox*, Cl*** & Cl***, Niv** & T*.

None of it works. Makin teruk ada lah!


Natural Healing Kononnya.

It has gotten so bad that my Abah steps in. Abah was a bit on the traditional side. So we went to this one kampong in Dengkil to see a traditional healer. The pakcik wrapped my face in tepung beras for an hour to bring out the ‘ulat’ in my face.

Bless that pakcik, it was hilarious.

Even Abah pun gelak. Hahaha

After that incident, my whole family steps in. Things are getting weirder. Ada yang suruh tepek asam jawa, limau, kunyit & the worst sekali – lender ikan keli? *!&#)*!#^)!*&#*)!#_!(!!!!


The Day I gave up.

Lepas kejadian-kejadian pelik tu, I decided to just give up & go on with life.

Some of  you might not know, that I was quite famous on Myspace (haha perasan). But I hardly hang out with anyone because I am ‘fake’. All my photos on myspace dah di-edit. Gigih padam jerawat & parut satu-persatu guna Photoshop.

Takut kalau jumpa nanti orang tanya “kenapa kat gambar takde jerawat?”


College Life & The Worst Acne Story.

I entered college in mid 2006. Everything is going great, except for the acne. 

I’m still on the same regime.

Bangun pagi, cuci muka with cleanser.

Tengah hari,  blot muka dengan paper.

Petang, cuci muka with cleanser.

Before bed, cuci muka with cleanser again.

Bila ada jerawat, I’ll apply the pimple cream.

This time, it gets worst. Jerawat-jerawat kecil dah cover satu muka. Jerawat besar / batu pulak at one time ada berbelas-belas.

Perkara paling memalukan pernah jadi, kami tengah lepak lunch at the café. Someone made a joke & I laughed so hard until satu jerawat kat dahi meletup. The pus (nanah) & blood mengalir to my face.

N at that moment I became a joke for the whole week.


I Need To Do Something.

After that I realize that I need help from someone knowledgeable. Masa tu pun dah berduit sikit sebab ada buat bisnes sampingan. So I went to a specialist clinic somewhere in Bangsar. The doctor scanned my face & put me on antibiotic for 4 months. The cost? RM4,000. I was on Roaccutane & a few other pills & creams.

Lepas 1 bulan, mula nampak improvement sikit-sikit. Jerawat baru dah tak keluar. Hati mula rasa happy. Finally dah tak ada bengkak-bengkak di pipi & dahi.

Approaching the 3rd month, kulit dah bersih dari sebarang jerawat. Tapi, side effects mula datang. Doctor kata tak semua orang akan dapat side effect, but I was unlucky.

My back hurts so much, macam ada electric shock in the spine. The edges of my lips luka sebab kering sangat. Dan yang paling tak best (dan kekal sampai sekarang) is I became Lactose Intolerant. Sejak ambil Accutane, I cant take any sorts of dairy. Susu… Cheese…no more!

4 bulan berlalu, doctor pun kata okay boleh berhenti ambil ubat. Tapi kena mula healing steps. Keluar jangan kena matahari. Jangan letak sebarang produk di wajah selain produk yang dia bagi for a few months.

 2 years after that…

Tiba-tiba acne mula datang balik. Macam rebound sebab makin teruk daripada yang sebelum ni. So I went back to the doctor, and she suggest me to go on Accutane balik. Tapi bila ingat balik the side effects, thanks but no thanks!

Shaf & I was already married at this time. Shaf tak pernah kisah sangat about my acne so she never advise me on anything beauty. But at that point she knew that I need her help.

So dia mula ajar I cara-cara basic nak jaga muka. Berbelas-belas tahun I ‘menjaga muka’, rupanya my basic skincare pun tak betul. My exact thought was 

“my skin is oily, lepas cuci muka pastikan ia kesat. Jangan ada sikit pun minyak kat muka”

Boy I was wrong!

Rupanya lepas cuci muka at least kena pakai toner & moisturize. I went on board and continue doing exactly what she says since that day.



I wouldn’t say that my skin is 100% great. Tapi sejak ikut routine yang Shaf ajar, I rarely have any acne on my face (unless I’m under huge stress).  Parut tak se-obvious dulu-dulu. And my face pun macam ada "nur" sekarang. Dulu macam dull, kosong, tak bernyawa. Haha


Acne really affects my confidence in everything.

It feels great to not have acne anymore!

Thank you Pinkboxcereal!


Current Skincare Routine:

KLIER Hydrating Cleanser (Morning & Before Bed)

Pinkboxcereal Rose Milky Toner (Best gila! Sapu the calamine powder dalam toner tu dekat area jerawat and berminyak after Cleanser)

Pinkboxcereal Rose Hydra Toner (After Rose Milky Toner)

Pinkboxcereal Hyaluronic Water Gel (After Toner)

KLIER Skin Repairing & Brightening Serum (After Toner)

KLIER Hydrating Moisturizer (After Serum, night time)

EXTRA: I use Earth Clay Mask and Earth Jar of Hearts Scrub around 2 to 3 times a week for my pore treatment.


You can get these items at www.shoppinkboxcereal.com


If you're interested in featuring your story with Pinkboxcereal in this blog,
please write to us at hello.pinkboxcereal@gmail.com.

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